About this book


A Swashbuckling Adventure set in the time of the Tudors

I’ve always been fascinated by the intrigue that surrounds the royal courts especially during the Tudor period. I started out by writing a  book about the threat from the Armada, and the other side to this story just seemed to take over naturally.

To the Spanish of that time, men such as Thomas Sladdin, Drake and Hawkins were pirates, and if they were caught were treated as such. To Elizabeth Tudor they were critical to the survival of England. Their legal status was a little vague, and their activities strayed between privateering and piracy.

A privateer held a licence or letter of marque, which permitted them to attack their enemies, while a pirate attacked anybody.

I hope you enjoy reading it and then try my other books.

About this book.

Sea Dog’s Revenge;

Paperback ISBN 978-1-78507-889-7 RRP

Hardback ISBN 978-1-78507-890-3 RRP

A Swashbuckling Adventure set in Tudor England.

Captain Thomas Sladdin is many things; a privateer, some say a pirate and an adventurer. He is fiercely loyal to Elizabeth and the English cause, and he is prepared to put his life on the line to safeguard his country and Queen.

Thomas is from a simple yeoman family background, but as a child, his family is evicted by bloody Queen Mary’s henchmen, and he is forced to take cover with a family friend: Sir Francis Drake. Under Drake’s guidance, Thomas learns the art of navigation and sails around the world with Drake. Thomas is ambitious and driven on by the need to reclaim his family’s lands and fortune.

After sailing with Drake for several years, he is able to afford his own ship and begins to build a reputation as an adventurer and privateer. He enhances his fortune, by plundering the Spanish Main and capturing treasure.

However, in 1587, Protestant England is on the brink of disaster; it is financially bankrupt and under threat from King Philip of Spain. His Armada is massed and waiting to invade England; he is determined to add England to his empire, and restore it to Catholicism is prepared to go to any lengths to subdue his enemy.

There are a number of surprises waiting for Thomas after he is summoned to London by Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster. He had not anticipated becoming part of Sir Francis Walsingham’s spy network, or meeting the beautiful Princess Sabina of Portugal.

The greatest legacy Henry VIII left his heirs was a modern and strong navy. Elizabeth Tudor, armed with this weapon prayed that she could thwart Philip’s ambitions. In particular, she relied on a band of sea captains that she nicknamed her ‘Sea Dogs’.


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