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Book 1, 2 & 3 of the Ben Burrows RN. Saga

All Titles are available from Amazon.
Guilty of Honour: 978-1-78719-289-8

The Secret of Angel Island:978-1-78719-290-4

Return to Angel Island [available soon]

Paperback 978-1-78719-315-4

Hardback 978-1-78719-316-1

This is the third and final book of this saga.

Ben’s life has taken several sharp turns, and not always for the best. His unlucky gift of being in the wrong place at the wrong time has sometimes worked to his advantage. When Ben and Ruth give themselves to each other for the first time, Ruth tells Ben, “This means you’ll belong to me forever.”  There’s a sinister note to her words.
In a sense, she is absolutely right.Each time he becomes part of someone else’s life it takes him further away from the town where he was framed for murder. Whenever his new life seems to be blossoming, ghosts from his old come back to haunt him. Ben’s likeable character, work ethic, and great looks also help him get by fairly well. His bravery and natural skills help him pull through no matter what the circumstances.

The trilogy is about survival, overcoming adversity and trying to make the best of bad luck, but it’s also just the tale of the coming of age of a young man.

Guilty of Honour is about survival and escaping from murder, but it’s also just the tale of a young man becoming an adult.

I really like the plot and find the characters interesting

All in all, I enjoyed reading Guilty of Honour.